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Gail Stewart

Welcome to the library where a world of new ideas is waiting. 

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Breakfast and Lunch

Glover School will be offering free breakfast and lunch starting Monday March 23th to April 2nd, Mon-Thurs, for 1 to 18 year olds. Please message our Glover Facebook page or text 580-236-6899 if you or a family you know wants to participate so we can best perpare.


Corona Virus

Parents, as you know, school closings and the corona virus are a very serious topic right now. We have a Superintendent’s meeting with the State Department tomorrow.  As we know more information we will get it to you as soon as possible. Health and safety of your students is #1.

Phone Number Change

We are having trouble with Line 1. If you need to call the school Line 2 is working.

Line 2 is 420-3273.

Sorry of the inconvenience.